Mediation has become a valuable tool in Texas enabling parties to reach amicable resolutions to serious and costly disputes.  Over a decade ago the firm's senior litigators, Richard Kaplan and Andrew Caplan,  were trained in the mediation process in order to bolster their active litigation practices.  Since that time, while maintaining their practices as advocates,  they have successfully provided mediation services to judges, attorneys and parties with a very high success rate in attaining settlements.  As active litigators they are able to utilize their vast experience "in the trenches" to find creative solutions to difficult disputes.

WKPZ  offers a slightly different perspective to the mediation process.  Because Richard and Andy  still actively litigate they possess a true understanding of the urgency that accompanies complex litigation matters.  Consequently, they are known for their ability to craft inventive and resourceful solutions to lawsuits and disputes by going  "outside the envelope".   

Richard and Andy have successfully mediated cases of all types including but not limited to:

  • Commercial disputes of all kinds
  • Real Estate disputes
  • Personal Injury and tort
  • All types of contract disputes
  • All varieties of business disputes including shareholder disputes and non-compete matters
  • Bankruptcy matters
  • Domestic relations cases

The firm's facilities are equipped to comfortably mediate disputes involving multi-party litigation.  We believe that our extensive experience coupled with our tenacious desire for success provides good reason to use our mediation services if you are in need of a good result for your clients. We welcome the opportunity to serve as your mediator.


Richard M. Kaplan
Andrew Caplan
Retired Shareholder