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Mediation has evolved as a valuable tool in Texas for amicably resolving contentious and costly disputes.

WKPZ draws on extensive experience in mediating settlements across various legal arenas. Our firm’s founding litigators were early adopters of mediation training over a decade ago, and since then, mediation has remained a central focus of our firm’s capabilities. We are proud of our reputation for high success rates in attaining settlements.



With deep experiential knowledge of litigation dynamics, our team excels in finding sensitive solutions to complex disputes.

WKPZ brings a unique perspective to the mediation process. Because our team is comprised of active litigators, we understand the urgent, fluctuating nature of complex litigation matters with firsthand experience. This perspective motivates creative, resourceful solutions and our willingness to “think outside the envelope” to resolve disputes.

Our facilities are well-equipped and capable of comfortably accommodating multi-party litigation. Our vast foundational experience and tenacious commitment to resolution position us to deliver truly exceptional mediation services. We welcome the opportunity to serve as your mediator.

Our mediation services include, but are not limited to:


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