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Bankruptcy & Out of Court Workouts

WKPZ possesses a comprehensive corporate restructuring, insolvency litigation, and bankruptcy practice that can address issues at any stage of the financial relationship.

Our firm represents both creditors and debtors. By not limiting our practice to either creditor or debtor work, we maintain a neutral perspective and can better anticipate reactions to various strategies.

In this era of constant challenge and economic turbulence, WKPZ understands the importance of delivering efficient, cost-effective results.



WKPZ specializes in comprehensive representation across the spectrum of bankruptcy proceedings. For creditors, including financial institutions, secured lenders, and vendors, we maximize returns while managing time and expenses efficiently. Our debtor representation involves swift assessment and action to safeguard businesses’ futures and optimize asset value, drawing on the collective expertise of our practice groups. We handle various bankruptcy scenarios, including Chapter 11 reorganizations and liquidations, Chapter 12 farmer reorganizations, and Chapter 7 proceedings for both businesses and individuals. WKPZ also represents and defends against foreign representatives seeking relief under Chapter 15 of the Bankruptcy Code concerning foreign cases and proceedings. We advocate for diverse interests and litigate complex bankruptcy disputes, leveraging our attorneys’ proficiency in both bankruptcy and litigation.

Corporate Restructuring

WKPZ represents lenders, borrowers, equity owners, and other stakeholders in negotiating and restructuring businesses facing financial difficulties and purchasers pursuing unique opportunities. The restructuring process generally occurs outside bankruptcy court and is often an effective alternative to the time and expense of bankruptcy proceedings and related litigation.

Corporate Fiduciaries

During financial challenges, it’s crucial for officers, directors, and other individuals controlling a business to prioritize the rights of equity owners and creditors. Choices made in times of financial distress can have lasting repercussions, affecting the long-term legal standing of all parties involved. Our attorneys provide guidance during critical times to fulfill the legal duties that apply and minimize residual risk. WKPZ also assists creditors and stakeholders whose interests were not protected.



Industry Expertise

WKPZ’s attorneys possess extensive experience in reorganizations and bankruptcies spanning various industries, such as real estate, construction, oil and gas, energy, natural resources, retail, non-profits, telecommunications, hospitality, agriculture, and healthcare services.


For extensive matters, particularly complex Chapter 11 cases and committee representations, WKPZ nurtures partnerships with solo and small firm bankruptcy practitioners. These practitioners boast extensive corporate bankruptcy experience, offering WKPZ supplementary resources when necessary. We adeptly utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure seamless operation across all aspects of representation, guaranteeing our clients receive service on par with firms of any size, efficiently and consistently.


WKPZ’s attorneys regularly appear in all four federal districts of bankruptcy courts in Texas, with frequent representation in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Plano, Amarillo, and Lubbock. Additionally, our attorneys advocate for creditors in various states, including New York, Illinois, Delaware, and Virginia.


WKPZ assists individuals navigating financial challenges concerning their business or personal matters. Additionally, we provide guidance to corporate principals and guarantors on potential pitfalls in transactions, particularly in the event of business insolvency. In cases involving individual consumer debtors and their personal bankruptcy, WKPZ operates as a debt relief agency.


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