Appellate work is a highly specialized section of litigation and trial work.  In addition to the traditional appellate work of briefing and arguing before the courts of appeals, it often involves oversight and consulting with trial attorneys to ensure that a favorable decision can be upheld on appeal.  It is also the most intensive review of legal standards, both factual and procedural, as they apply to any given case.  The appellate landscape is constantly changing, and with recent developments in the standard of review and  mandamus practice, appellate counsel can bring a different perspective to an overall trial strategy: before trial, during trial, as well as on appeal.

WKPZ's appellate section provides the following services:

  • Consult on litigation strategy
  • Research, prepare and argue complex motions, such as  motions for summary judgment and responses to motions for summary judgment,  motions to transfer venue, motions to remand
  • Research and draft jury questions
  • Prepare and present jury charge
  • Strategize, research, draft and argue petitions for writ of  mandamus to complain of trial court error
  • Research, prepare and argue interlocutory appeal
  • Research, prepare and argue challenges to expert witnesses
  • Second chair trial to ensure preservation of error for appeal
  • Research, prepare, and present trial briefs on complex topics
  • Consult on trial strategy
  • Draft proposed judgments
  • Research, prepare and argue post-trial motions in order to preserve error on appeal
  • Assist with supersedes bond or other security to suspending enforcement of judgment while on appeal
  • Consult with trial lawyers about issues on  appeal
  • Review, summarize, and understand record in preparation for appellate  brief
  • Prepare and present oral argument to court of appeals, including the Supreme Court of Texas
  • Research and prepare brief on merits
  • Consult on collection of judgment


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