Weycer, Kaplan, Pulaski & Zuber, P.C. is proud to promote its tax-exempt and nonprofit organizations practice. The firm’s attorneys are recognized both at the state and national level for their expertise in this area and they represent many well-known tax-exempt organizations located throughout the nation. WKPZ’s tax-exempt and nonprofit client demographic includes

  • arts organizations
  • churches, synagogues and other religious organizations
  • health and welfare organizations
  • low income housing organizations
  • missions societies
  • national, state and local trade associations
  • nonprofit radio and television stations
  • private schools
  • United Way agencies

WKPZ is renowned for its representation of churches, religious groups and denominational bodies. WKPZ represents a broad range of faiths from Christianity to Eastern religions.

In servicing its tax-exempt organizations, WKPZ offers effective and efficient legal counsel in a full range of services, including:

  • attorney general investigations
  • applications for tax exemptions
  • creation of nonprofit corporations
  • commercial litigation
  • employment law
  • examinations by taxing authorities
  • intellectual property
  • on-going counsel in areas of governance and policy creation
  • sexual misconduct matters
  • tax compliance reviews

WKPZ utilizes all its attorneys’ specialties to counsel its tax-exempt and nonprofit clients through any number of legal matters. The firm assists its nonprofit clients in dealing with the media while in distressed situations. From governance and tax issues to merger and business transactions to any range of employment matters, the firm is well-equipped to meet the needs of tax-exempt and nonprofit organizations.

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