WKPZ Facilitates $18M Tax-Exempt Loan and Taxable Loan Transaction

Apr 27th, 2020
Topics: News

WKPZ attorney, Cory Halliburton, recently served as borrower’s counsel through the closing of an eighteen million dollar loan and refinance transaction. The tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) client’s refinance and capital-construction strategy involved a complex blend of government-issued tax-exempt loans, private-lender taxable loans, security agreements, and refinancing of pre-existing arrangements. “My goal in these complex and time-sensitive matters,” Mr. Halliburton said, “is to advise and guide the client to the multiple business decision cross-roads on the loan documents as well as in organizational and governance matters.” He added, “Competent bond counsel expertise and lender understanding of the client’s goals are critical. I confer with the client early on in order to get an understanding of internal business acumen, and then I do my best to not let transaction complexity create fear that can get in the way of the client achieving greater charitable and educational objectives.” 

During his near 13-year history with WKPZ, Mr. Halliburton has served as borrower’s counsel in over $50,000,000 in tax-exempt loan transactions. Mr. Halliburton concluded, “These transactions, while complex, illustrate the beneficial confluence and cooperation that can be achieved among the government, the tax-exempt sector, the for-profit sector, and the Internal Revenue Code.” Mr. Halliburton’s bio may be viewed here: https://www.wkpz.com/attorney/cory_halliburton.