WKPZ Attorney Leads Legal Learning at AcctTwo Finance Conference

Apr 29th, 2020
Topics: News

WKPZ attorney, Cory Halliburton, recently presented at AcctTwo’s Faith-Based Finance Conference at Concord Church in Dallas, Texas. AcctTwo is a facilitator organization that provides finance and accounting solutions, education and consultation to a wide-array of its clients and members. Mr. Halliburton’s opening session of Top 5 Legal and Tax Issues for Churches was well-received by the 100+ church finance and business leaders who came from across the country for the educational experience.

Despite the large audience, participants were able to engage in the various topic discussion, which included tax-exemption, child protection policies and abuse reporting, property tax exemption and embezzlement. Mr. Halliburton’s bio may be viewed here: https://www.wkpz.com/attorney/cory_halliburton.